How To Save Money on Petrol

Whether you think boycotts, blockades or government petitions are the answer, there must be a way the average motorist can start making instant savings on petrol costs?

Indeed there is – you can save the pounds in your pocket by conforming to these simple ideas listed below.

Are they tedious and time consuming? Well, yes some of them maybe. But not all of them, and they do work…the choice is yours!

Drive Smoothly
Be gentle with the accelerator, staying at a consistent speed will help with fuel economy. Harsh revving at traffic lights and unnecessary tapping of brakes between bursts of acceleration are going to cause your vehicle to stop at the ESSO garage a few more times than desired!

Drive Slower
Sounds boring but unless your planning on hitting 88mph and going back to the future, no one on the road is going to be particularly impressed. The reduction in fuel consumption between 70mph and 80mph on the motorway is tremendous. Some cars can see a benefit of up to 5mpg! Plus if you do drive at 80mph and manage not to get caught by a police officer, Highway Patrol officer, Gatso camera, average speed camera or even worse – have an accident – you can always look forward to the congestion up-ahead awaiting your early arrival.

Use Higher Gears
Shift up to higher gears even at lower speeds. This can improve fuel economy by a whopping 20%. Don’t let your motor start wheezing up-hill though – she’ll get thirsty and you know that she won’t be reaching for the lucozade.

Correct Tyre Pressures
Did you know that 50 % of tyres in the UK are under-inflated? Shocked? I didn’t think so. But 2psi below the recommended pressure can increase consumption by 1%. And many tyres are known to be way under that!

Turn Off The Engine
No, not at the traffic lights. But at traffic jams or nipping into the shop to buy the paper. Not only do you get to save your fuel but everyone will love your eco-friendliness.

Shut Your Windows
It’s all about aerodynamics. You may not be Lewis Hamilton but drag can really weigh a vehicle down which means your vehicle will siphon more fuel. Speaking of drag, take that roof rack off as well. If you’ve got all that extra weight on the car you’re going to make your fuel consumption even worse!

Turn Off Air-Conditioning
OK, OK, – no open windows or AC? Sorry, but we’re just giving you the facts. Air conditioning sucks up 5 per cent of your fuel. Think about a quick blast here and there if you really need it.

Fancy A Walk?
Even the latest modern cars quaff considerable amounts of petrol when taken out for a spin on a cold day. A car capable of 40mpg on a gentle motorway run can plunge to 15mpg or less on a short run in to town. By walking short distances, you’re saving a tremendous amount of fuel.

Use Cruise Control
If you’re heading for the motorway select 70mph on the cruise control and watch your car’s on-board computer help make you savings on fuel economy. The consistent speed is again the key factor here.

Car Sharing
Share a car with a colleague and save a whopping 50% on trips to the forecourt! Sounds simple doesn’t it it? Well it is! If you can organise a rota system everyone will be happy!!

Now start saving!!!