Speed Cameras Have Absolutely Nothing To Do With Road Safety Anymore


British motorists are to be hit by new digital speed cameras that sneakily photograph on-coming vehicles without flashing, campaigners warned this month. One of the new cameras was unveiled on Friday 30th May, but promptly drew ridicule after being left pointing the wrong way. The new “robotic” cameras will be digitally networked, meaning tickets and … Read more

New study claims Concrete Barrier saves lives


Last month a landmark study into HGV cross-over incidents by the Transport Research Laboratory discovered that almost a quarter of fatal accidents could have been prevented by the installation of a “very high containment fence or barrier”. The TRL’s study examined 39 fatal HGV cross-over accidents that took place on major roads in Great Britain … Read more

How To Save Money on Petrol


Whether you think boycotts, blockades or government petitions are the answer, there must be a way the average motorist can start making instant savings on petrol costs? Indeed there is – you can save the pounds in your pocket by conforming to these simple ideas listed below. Are they tedious and time consuming? Well, yes … Read more

Safety Barriers are just rusting away


A quick test for you. Was the photograph on the left taken in Nigeria, Cyprus or the UK? Yes you guessed it – it’s right here in the UK, at junction 22 of the M5 to be precise. We understand from the Department for Transport that ALL safety barrier in the UK satisfies European Standards … Read more

Second-hand Cars – Used and Abused?

car sales

Sadly, most of us have less money in our pockets right now than we usually do. But that doesn’t eliminate the need for the must-haves in life. And if you need a car, well, you NEED a car. Consequently, most of us will look for a nice second-hand car because it’s cheaper and hey – … Read more

Motorway Madness


“OK Spock – we’ve joined the motorway. Federation Rules clearly state that we get into the outside lane as quickly as possible and immediately switch off all mental processes”. “Chekov … Disengage brain, go to warp factor 70 – and stay as close to the car in front as possible”. “Aye Aye Captain”. “Yes, Scotty … Read more

Clearing Up Car Pollution Confusion


We all now live on an environmentally conscious planet. It has become your duty (yes you) my diligent motorist, to know exactly how much your vehicle is harming the atmosphere. Not least because your annual car tax is directly linked to how much CO2 your beloved car emits per kilometre! But car pollution is not … Read more

You Couldn’t Make It Up


How many times have we seen it? People using their mobile phones whilst driving, eating at the wheel – even reading a newspaper in slow moving traffic? But one task that’s currently getting more tarmac time than any other is applying makeup in the rear view mirror. A recent survey of 4,000 female drivers by … Read more

Speed Twice And Get Banned

The Department of Transport plan to unveil a new proposal to impose higher penalties on hasty British motorists who break the speed limit. Drivers will be banned after just two convictions if they exceed the speed limit by 15mph in urban areas or 25mph on motorways under a new restructuring of road safety laws. The … Read more

Don’t Hog The Middle Lane!


We’ve all experienced it on the motorway. A classic Sunday Driver who takes their pastime of dawdling down country lanes to new heights by inflicting their selfishness and potential dangers on the fastest roads of Britain. It’s probably one of the most infuriating occurrences when a ‘middle lane hogger’ dilly dallies down the middle lane … Read more