Winter tyres are the answer

winter tryres

Other countries, more used to heavy snow falls and ice, do not expect their roads to be constantly gritted or snow-free during the winter. Instead the emphasis is on “driver preparation” and a (legally required) spare set of winter tyres. But did you know that in many parts of Europe, with a warmer climate than … Read more



There you are, driving along, minding your own business and your mobile phone does that little “buzzy-jiggy-thing” and emits some random mind-numbing chime that drives everyone but the phone-owner nuts. Yes, another absolutely essential, can’t-wait-a-second-to-be-read text, probably from the Prime Minister or something like that and it sis demanding your immediate attention. What do you … Read more

Are you a driver? I bet you are breaking the law


It has been announced that driving under the influence of drugs is now to be added to the list of things that a motorist can be prosecuted for. Most people welcomed the news, imagining that the sight of some “coke-head” bearing down in their rear view mirror is not in their best interests – and … Read more

Male and Young Drivers Didn’t Get the Message, New Study on Mobile Phone Usage While Driving Reveals


Following an announcement that parliament are considering doubling driving licence penalty points from 3 to 6 for using a mobile phone, a new survey of 1000 UK adults by paints a revealing picture of mobile phone usage while driving. The question posed to individuals was ‘Have you held a mobile phone whilst driving in the last 30 days?’ A … Read more