New drivers should not be allowed to drive at night


Every day, four people are killed or seriously injured in accidents involving young motorists, a recent study has revealed. Whilst driving accidents in general are on the decline in the UK, it is somewhat surprising to discover that crashes involving young drivers are on the increase. Why is that? The most likely reason is simply … Read more

Potholes get bigger in cash strapped Britain


The state of the road infrastructure in the UK has got noticeably worse over the last two years and potholes have become a major problem for drivers in many counties. In Buckinghamshire, the council website which lets motorists report serious potholes, now has comments like “This road is so bad it would be easier to … Read more

£2,000 pothole win could open floodgates


Potholes in the UK road network now cost UK drivers over £500 million pounds a year. That’s not a typo – five hundred million pounds. You could be forgiven for thinking the council workers who reject the endless flow of claims from disgruntled motorists are running a chain of tyre depots across the country. If … Read more

New technology reduces motorway delays


The Department for Transport has announced a revolution in the way motorway accidents are recorded – and for once it is great news for motorists. Anyone who has ever been stuck on a motorway following an accident will have shouted in desperation “Why don’t you just push all the wreckage onto the hard shoulder and … Read more

Are you a driver? I bet you are breaking the law


It has been announced that driving under the influence of drugs is now to be added to the list of things that a motorist can be prosecuted for. Most people welcomed the news, imagining that the sight of some “coke-head” bearing down in their rear view mirror is not in their best interests – and … Read more

Male and Young Drivers Didn’t Get the Message, New Study on Mobile Phone Usage While Driving Reveals


Following an announcement that parliament are considering doubling driving licence penalty points from 3 to 6 for using a mobile phone, a new survey of 1000 UK adults by paints a revealing picture of mobile phone usage while driving. The question posed to individuals was ‘Have you held a mobile phone whilst driving in the last 30 days?’ A … Read more